Best PHP Framework for Web Development

When it comes to PHP web development has its very own powerful foundation and recognition. A hassle-free framework is certainly much necessary for a wonderful web development task. Laravel title has already been very much popular among web designers along with these people really like to work alongside this PHP web development platform currently.

Laravel apps

Laravel was developed and launched by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and since then it is now probably the most hassle-free and many used frameworks. From June YEAR 2011 to the month of january 2017 this platform experienced many useful improvements and current Laravel 5.4.0 is having all of the wonderful features you are searching for your online development tasks.

Functions are definitely the important aspect which makes a platform far more convenient than any other. There are lots of some other PHP frameworks open to make use of like Symphony, Codelgniter, Yii, CakePHP, and many more.

In spite of the presence of each one of these frameworks outsourced Laravel developers has produced a unique place having an ease because of very beneficial functions. Using the addition of numerous helpful methods and useful functions, it is now much more interesting for all. Organizations offering best PHP web development solutions know these advantages and thus applying the features of this framework to build up the excellent web application.


Build a Website for Your Business Today

Plan your business with effective website

If you have a business or you are planning to start a new business then your online presence make your business goal efficiently. Online presence is very important for promotion and marketing for your product or services. If you are targeting locally or global market, then you can reach more customers by Web presence rather than traditional marketing.

So, to engage in internet marketing for your business at first you need a website to showcase all your products and services so that the potential customers can visit your portfolio and see what kind of products or services you have.

The key to creating your own online presence is the domain name, choose the right domain that your customers can easily recognize and can trust as well as meets your company’s overall business and marketing needs. You can consider when choosing your domain name:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .name

Build a Website for your Business

After selecting the domain name, create your company website with your domain name to market your business and enables more marketing opportunities. 98 percent business owner recommend and agree that having a website make easier for customers to find their business.

You have to keep in mind the customer test and preference while creating a website. The look and feel of the website keep the visitors on our website and convert into customers.

We help people to make strategy how to grow their business and made the business goal. We never charge for any consultation and advice, you can trust us and share your thought, we will help you to make your dream comes true.

We provide custom web design and development, from last 12 years we have gain a vast experience in website and mobile App development. Doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or planning to start we can assist you to build a professional website as per your business with your preference.

We have experienced Website designer and developer, you can hire a dedicated web developer from us in very reasonable rate. Our motto not to earn money from you, we want to provide you the best service and meet your all requirements with 100% satisfaction and want a long relationship with you so that we can get future reference and project from you. Techno Exponent is a reliable web development company in India and has many clients from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaisia, Dubai etc.
We have earned trust and fait from our previous clients and dedicatedly we are serving as per our client need and requirements.

Services at Techno Exponent

Just remember: whether you’re looking to build your brand or bring in more revenue having an online presence will help you achieve your goal.

feel free to contact us at any time, we would be very happy to hear from you and serve you the best possible results and fulfill your expectation. We are looking after to your response at earliest.

You can contact us via:-

skype: sabyab32
Phone/WhatsApp: +91 8900027268

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Techno exponent
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Hire PHP Developer to Convert your Dream into Reality

If you are looking to hire PHP developer then this blog will help you to understand better about what is the right way to hire PHP programmer. In this post, we will explore some important techniques which you should consider before going to hire PHP expert.

PHP programmer play a crucial role in your business

let’s understand first, the importance of right programmer and why it is necessary to choose the right PHP developer for your project. if you are planning to do some online business then your developer and designer is the first person who can shape your thought into reality. the programmer is only the key person who can really make your dreams into really. The main thing is to understand the concept because the understanding of a concept is the backbone of any development.

If your concept is significant or huge then your biggest investment will be the cost of web development, So before you spend a lump sum  amount from your budget you should always take the right person for your web development. Sometimes it is  very difficult to judge the best programmer for your project

If your programmer has a great technical knowledge and experience then definitely he can make your website perfect. It is necessary for your programmer to have a sound knowledge on your business domain to develop the website correctly.

Process to Hire PHP Developer

If you have finalized and made you mind to hire PHP programmer then this following way can make your work easier.

Before hiring a programmer you should always check some of the past project done by your developer. evaluate those project on the basis of  quality, cleanness, and performance. Take some of the reference contact numbers of their previous client to judge this delivery and reputation in the market. thus you can easily know the quality of work and success of the project, also you can understand their commitment towards your project and time management for completion of the assigning task.

Before hire dedicated  PHP programmer, evaluate all the terms and condition if they have. If you are thinking to hire your Web developer at a fixed rate then always clarify the payment process, and always draft everything in your project specification document clearly. Because your developer always fixes amount on the basis of your project requirement.

Techno Exponent is one of the names in the market who is known for their Performance and reliability of website designing and development. They are flexible enough to set the milestone for the project so that you do not have to pay money at a one time. Techno Exponent is the renowned Website and Mobile App Development company in the USA. They have multiple branches in another country as well.

Hire PHP developer from them who obtain extensive knowledge about every technical background for the latest PHP versions. Techno Exponent has the team of dedicated PHP developers, who are expertise in PHP development who can devote  their full contribution in almost every sort of projects. Their dedicated PHP programmers are provided with a huge experience and are capable enough to face any type of challenge in each and every short of developing area.

You can communicate them through Skype, mail, and phone. you can directly WhatsApp your requirement to their WhatsApp No. +91 8900027268  or  Skype  sabyab32

Hope this post is useful for you.

How PHP Programmer and Developer Play an Essential Role in Your Business

PHP Programmer and Developer Play an Essential Role in Your Business

Since moving into full detail, let’s know, what is the advantage of a right PHP developer, why it is valuable for your business.

If your developer will have enough professional and technical skill then they can secure your website in a right way. If your PHP programmer will have experience of your business area then positively he figures out some essential changes which can add value to your business.

If you are preparing or intending for an online business then your software engineer is the first person who transforms your concept into existence. Guess you have a fabulous online business idea and does not have any PHP web development ability. Then the first thing you do is to hire a web developer to convert your wonderful thought into reality.

It is true that we also need to create an infrastructure to host your website but it always comes after your website gets fully prepared. Also if your concept is very crucial or big then your biggest investment will be the cost of web development, in another word the cost of PHP programmers. So before you waste your big chunk from your budget you should always take the right person for your web development.

Top 5 points to recognize during hiring PHP developers

1. Judge maritime PHP developers:

Hiring inland PHP expert would be a costly affair as you would need to pay them high salaries and there would be other overhead costs also. You may consider choosing veteran PHP developers from Offshore PHP Web Development Companies. There are many maritime agencies that provide PHP programmers and developers. Hiring freelancers is not a safe option and therefore, you should look for a team of expert specialists. You can hire dedicated PHP support who would be working for your project particularly and you can have full control over your project. You can interact with the hired resources directly. This is an added advantage of hiring dedicated resources for your project.

2. Have a look at their efficiency:

While hiring PHP developers, you should inspect at their past practice. Most of the PHP service providers have an online portfolio where they showcase their works. You can also ask them to show you some recent work. thus you can judge the efficiency of the PHP agency or company.

3. Client reviews and feedback:

Client reviews and feedback is one of the best ways to recognize the quality and reputation of any organization. It is very necessary so that you can make sure that your PHP project is on the safe hand. You should verify the client reviews and testimonials online. where the past project and contact details of past clients , so that you can contact them directly and ask about the proficiency of the PHP service provider. thus you can find out who is the best company for your project.

4. Communicate directly before hiring:

Proper understanding the requirement is very necessary, always communicate directly with the service provider before assigning your project so that the whole concept will clear with the developer. Most of the agencies allow the clients to talk to the developers via Skype or phone. You can also discuss the project details via email communication. Make sure that they have understood the project requirements and expert ideas from them.

5. Get the contract signed:

When you’ve chosen and decided to hire PHP  developer, you should mention all the specifications in the agreement and get it confirmed. Make sure that the milestones and the breakup of the payment are specified in the contract to evade confusion later on. All the terms and conditions should be clear in the deal.

Hope this post is useful to you, ask as many questions as you may have and clarify the doubts before hire PHP developer. All the best!

You can contact me directly with your inquiry, I would be very happy to share my experience with you. Skype me at  sabyab32

Hire Laravel Expert for building cost Efficient Web Applications

We aspire to make a surplus profit through customer satisfaction. In this backdrop, we have ventured into the business of Laravel outsourcing to help our clients in fulfilling commercial ambition. You can hire laravel expert from us on a contractual basis to abide the principle of cost effectivity.  Our experience in the industry brings about the realization that software projects exhibit variable characteristics and they are unique. With this fact playing at the back of our minds we have designed customized hiring models to suit the project requirements of a diverse clientele. This aspect has enabled us to provide quality consulting and outsourcing service consistently throughout the globe.

Immediate advantages

The flexibility provided in our hiring models relieves the client from engaging in costly long-term commitments. Our Team of Laravel developers are highly experienced and has created a large base of satisfied customers who have formed a strategic alliance  with us for meeting their software project requirements gracefully. Thus, hire laravel expert from us quality service is guaranteed as we don’t leave any space for resentment to creep in because of our uncompromising business ethics.

Uncompromising quality

We will engage one of the best brains in web development industry to work in your project that will ensure the development of quality software. Our outsourced laravel developers have in the kitty at least 7 years of professional experience who are well versed in the latest programming technology in the web development industry.

Economically cheaper

We have developed customized hiring scheme of programmers that helps you to save more than 50% of your cost incurred through captive hiring model in comparison to our outsourcing and consulting services. The cost you save is an additional revenue that could be gainfully channelized for business growth.

Better adaptive capability

Laravel developers outsourced by us are not only good coders but efficient software engineers who can share valuable insights throughout the software development life cycle of a project. Hence, you may be well equipped to deal with manpower shortage in case attrition draws out your valuable expert  manpower resource.

Improved project monitoring  

Our manpower resource is the most valuable resources at our disposition. They are the sources, resources, and end users of software products and services. Thus, we adopt the policy of utilizing every single manpower resource to the lease for enhancing our productivity. We are extremely cautious of our market goodwill that has been built through years of service and takes utmost care in protecting its sanctity.

The information technology drive that has taken the world of trade and commerce by storm is not a merely fashionable fad but a sincere effort to survive in the highly competitive business setting. Therefore, leading commercial entities are giving consideration to hire Laravel developers at the most economical rate in the bid to maintain a strong online presence with the aim of optimizing customer reachability.

Techno Exponent gives you access to hire laravel expert in the software industry at attractively cheap price. Hire Laravel developers from us at will on contractual mode or on long term basis. Quality is the hallmark of our superior service and our outsourced laravel developers have never tarnished our industry image. Unleash your true business potential by building ecommerce app in Laravel at nominal cost and beat the ruthless competition.

You can send your requirement at or talk to us directly by calling to (214) 273-0857 / +91 8900027268

Hire PHP developer for building dynamic web pages cost efficiently


You can hire PHP developers to develop highly interactive websites comprising dynamic web pages by utilizing the most versatile and capable server side scripting language i.e. PHP. It is offering a broad spectrum of benefits which includes but not limited to the following:

Cost free:

Being an open source technology one can add custom APIs at will. Thus, all its components are free to use and distribution.

High capability:

Hire PHP developers for designing any kind of website with built in capabilities of handling high traffic. Infact popular websites like Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia uses PHP as cherished technological framework. Since it’s a server side scripting language it supports all the functionalities of CGI programs.

Usage ease:

PHP comes with easily readable codes having strong analogy to C and C++. Hence, programmers can easily adapt.

Platform independence:

Hire PHP developer to build web applications that can run on all major operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, and Windows.

Compatible with leading database vendors:

It has the capability of supporting leading database vendors inclusive of but not limited to MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, InterBase, FrontBase, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc, and ODBC.

Faster Developments:

It prioritizes the usage of its own memory space thereby decreasing the loading time and workload from the server. The processing speed is fast which improves the runtime efficiency of web applications.


It possess multiple layers of security for preventing threats and malicious attacks.

Since its inception in 1995 PHP has become the popular choice of leading websites and esteemed software developers. Hire PHP programmers for maintaining a versatile website in the most cost efficient manner.  

Large Communities:

At present there is a large community of PHP programmers who are actively involved in updating tutorials, documentation,  and FAQs


Build your customized web application with Laravel 5 developers


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The Laravel 5 developers outsourced by us are highly proficient in making a centralized collection of valuable project data i.e. database. The database vendors used in our Laravel projects are well adept in effectively storing voluminous information in a corporation’s network. We make extensive usage of database management systems for performing secured manipulation of centrally stored data. Amongst the existing database vendors our developers are quite proficient to work on MySQL server that uses Structured Query Language commonly referred to as SQL. Till date SQL is arguably the most widely used standardized language for manipulating databases. SQL statements are available for utilization in varied ways starting from direct entry to embedded codes written in wide range of diversified programming language. Moreover, comprehensive data abstraction could be provided through the usage of APIs that hides SQL syntax altogether.

Our Laravel 5 developers will be shouldering the responsibility of installing Composer. In this process we will ensure that appropriate version of PHP is installed.Successively we will be downloading the Composer installer from the internet that is available for free. This file is exists in the internet by the name of Composer-Setup.exe. During the installation process it will become necessary to provide the path of PHP executable. Once done the installation will continue automatically writing down the Composer commands to the PATH Environmental variable. Laravel 5 is an open source framework and unlike conventional software projects that have many bugs making it indispensable to think of complex logic. However, in Laravel it becomes possible to write beautiful and clean code for creating great web application.

The full stack framework that Laravel is allows the development of web application from scratch through the utilization of its wonderful database wrapper called Eloquent ORM accompanied by its indigenous templating engine called Blade. Laravel has offered competent solutions to common problems faced by developers in the development of web applications. Laravel is an effective tool for facilitating faster development of customized web apps. The widespread usage of Laravel could be attributed to various reasons. One of them is associated with the welcoming and supportive community. In sharp contrast to Symfony and Zend you can easily find code snippets, tutorials and courses on Laravel. Laravel 5 developer provided by us are actively involved in the Laravel’s open source community and benefiting it by providing innovative ideas on bug fixation. They provide answer to queries posed in the community or in Laravel IRC channel.

At Techno Exponent we make active usage of Laravel’s Blade templating engine that looks like plain HTML. Every blade file ends with the extension .blade.php and one can find the templates in app/views directory.

Laravel ecommerce apps lets you earn surplus revenue over the internet


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Laravel is a robust and finest PHP framework which is a rationale in itself for building Laravel ecommerce apps for maintaining strong commercial presence in the internet. Its flexible nature and expressiveness allows developers in creating web applications of different shape and size with ease.

Common advantages of Laravel eCommerce apps

  • Laravel customization is very easy
  • Intensive modular packaging systems providing assistance in reducing development
  • Regimented codes supports the execution of Laravel website with finest practices.
  • Laravel has approached the market with unique in-built features providing assistance through service layer, template engines.
  • Storing relevant SQL codes in separate model files which is making code writing a stress relieving activity inclusive of its maintenance and monitoring.
  • Pre-enabled tools for protecting from injection and xss attacks.

Why choose Techno Exponent

Our Laravel ecommerce apps will be having the ideal blend of skills, expertise and experience providing you the much needed help in developing web applications inclusive of dynamic ones irrespective of complexity involved in the implementation of advanced features.  Laravel experts at our disposition are well competent of conducting

  • Social Networking community and user driven website development
  • Restful API built for Mobile app
  • Laravel 5 development with Eloquent ORM
  • Development with Laravel Forge and Homestead
  • E-commerce development using Laravel Blade Template Engine and Angularjs
  • SaaS application etc.

Reasons for building Laravel eCommerce apps

Expertise and Specialization:

For several years, we have been programming and practicing with PHP and related development tools. This aspect has been helping us in developing such an expertise that we are having the capability of writing and coding PHP programs holding the potential of refining, reforming, and resonating greatly with our clients business processes and needs.

Conduct Code:

We are striving for following and abiding programming ethics in the process of writing codes. These rules are differentiating and shaping our industry practices and attitudes to create software or make decisions on crucial and delicate issues in relation to project planning.

Through managed Laravel outsourcing achieve new horizons of success in business initiatives


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Amidst the scarcity of manpower and financial resources a company aspiring to build efficient software solutions may give consideration to Laravel framework. Opting for Laravel framework is a good alternative if application complexities could not be handled gracefully in consideration to the existing coding skillsets of developers.  Tasks that are repetitive in nature associated with a PHP project is comprehensively handled by us in our managed Laravel outsourcing services. Thus, the process quality of developing the application’s business logic is supreme as programmers are able to devote due concentration in this endeavour. In quick succession software prototypes could be developed through Laravel framework that provides a due explanation for its intensive usage. The task of developers becomes easier because of the ready-made utilities and libraries that come with Laravel framework.

The web application that is being developed is ensured of utmost security as viewed by web development experts due to highly robust framework features of Laravel. In a scenario, where the protocols of preventing security breaches are not well comprehended by inexperienced developers usage of Laravel framework becomes indispensable. You can perform automated cookie encryption and sanitize user inputs through the built in security features of Laravel. Wholesome and clear is the structuring of our managed Laravel outsourcing services. To develop web application comprehensively we prefer writing clean codes. Expandability and maintainability are facilitated by arranging codes into logical architecture. Model-View-Controller is the architectural pattern followed by Laravel framework in this regard.


Convention over configuration is given importance in Laravel which exhibits a sharp contrast in comparison to other PHP frameworks. Before the start of the actual project, other PHP frameworks exhibits a strong requirement of XML configuration. However, to make it ready for usage editing few lines of PHP code is necessitated in Laravel. A compatible code structuring is given to all Laravel web applications preventing unnecessary usage of configuration files in Techno Exponent’s managed Laravel outsourcing service. Partner the best Laravel development company for business betterment.

Techno Exponent offers flexible outsourcing models


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With the view of governing client’s utility and bifurcating work we are offering various outsourcing models at Techno Exponent. Representative models of our service offerings include the following:

Outsourcing model fixed rate

As discussed for a specified time period we will be engaging our resources with client. We predetermine all project milestones inclusive of work and time deliverance of project with phase distribution, targeted achievement, and packaging. Availing fixed cost model from us will be proving beneficial to you on the following grounds:

  • Experienced team of professionals working on your project
  • Price affordability
  • Timely project completion
  • Focused stringently on robust but flexible development ideas
  • In relation to mobile and web app effective for small and dedicated projects

Dedicated developers for hiring

In order to accomplish projects as per client requirements for a particular area, at Techno Exponent we are offering skilled professionals enabling us to create diverse workforce. Therefore, to work on multiple projects simultaneously we select the best client models. The fortified advantages of this model are:

  • Commencing multi level projects with a perfect model
  • On monthly, daily and hourly basis make price distributions
  • Between client and developers establish hassle free communication
  • Right from start to end of your project a team of expert developers

Material model and time

If you are having diversified and flexible demand of skilled professionals our model is best suited for clients. In terms of app development for mobile and web this model is perfect for scrutinization. The common benefits of this model could be summarized under the following headings:

  • Incorporating changes as per utility of time and materials
  • Flexibility in payment module for addition or removal of manpower
  • Time and resource usage flexibility

Center of development offshore

Project work development with customization is the ideal platform for implementing this model hence, you don’t have to worry about time specific changes in client requirements. In order to ensure smooth development process with a guarantee Techno Exponent as a service provider prefers hiring a specialized team. Thus for offering supreme quality solutions for the project experienced professionals are hired.

Build premium quality websites with our managed Laravel outsourcing service


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Homestead is currently based on Ubuntu 14.04, and includes everything you need to get started building Laravel applications, including PHP 7.0, Nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL and a variety of other useful utilities, for example, Redis and Memcached. It runs flawlessly on OS X, Linux and Windows, and the establishment process is very direct, meaning that through our managed Laravel outsourcing much of the time you’ll be able to begin building Laravel applications in under 30 minutes.

You can hire Laravel developers from us who will be installing Homestead with the help of Vagrant and VirtualBox.  At present user friendly installers are convincingly available for the most popular operating system vendors including but not limited to OS X, Windows, and Linux. After installing Vagrant and VirtualBox you need to open the terminal window for executing the following command:

$ vagrant box add laravel/homestead

This command will be installing the Homestead box. As a leading  we use the term box for referring to a Vagrant package.  Through our managed Laravel outsourcing services we make optimum utilization of packages which in reality are virtual machine images containing the operating system and other programs. Currently the Vagrant community is maintaining thousands of different boxes that finds rampant usage for building applications through a wide variety of technology stacks.

After the box has been added your next priority will be the installation of Homestead. In our managed Laravel outsourcing services we utilise Git for cloning the repository. If Git is not installed you can download it from the Git website or use your operating system’s package manager. Henceforth, it becomes necessary to open the terminal for entering home directory and execute the Git clone command for cloning the Homestead repository.

$ git clone https:// Homestead

After executing this command a directory by the name of Homestead will be created in your home directory which will be containing the repository files. Successively, you need to enter this directory and execute the following command:

$ bash init sh