Techno Exponent brings quality outsourcing service to enhance your market reputation


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At Techno Exponent we are taking pride in the representation of our robust company culture. Headquartered in Texas/Dallas our team of skilled technical professionals have the expertise to offer versatile software solutions pertaining to mobile and web technologies. Till date we have been satisfactorily serving global business clients. Innovation has been our driving force in making our way right to the top as an industry stalwart. Our success story has been defined by our skill sets in disposition and followed processes.

In Techno Exponent our set of services are highly effective for small scale projects in relation to the web or mobile app.  We are stringently focusing on flexible but robust development ideas. We fix project deadlines prior to the start of projects and stringently follow the time frame. Our services come at an affordable price. To work on your project we will outsource experienced team of professionals.

Our Vision

Succeeding and setting themselves apart from others is the desired goal where our business associates should reach. This is our chief vision.

Why Techno Exponent

For a number of important reasons, we are acclaiming our position as the leader in web and mobile application development. The reasons for making a decision in favour of Techno Exponent could be justified from the following set of rationale:

Experience and Credibility

We have been developing a noteworthy patronage with market facilitators over the years of service offering. For more than half a decade mobile and web development has been the core competencies of our skilled programmers.

Quality and operational expertise

In order to stand on your expectations the requisite experience and expertise is possessed by our team members. In the process of abiding business values the issue of your company will be studied pertaining to technological aspect with a formal systematic approach.

Cost Effectiveness

At Techno Exponent we will be providing at an affordable price quality app development service for web and mobile platform. Taking help from latest technology we indulge in future planning that enables us to stay ahead in the competition. Hence, in short and long term you will get the capability of saving money.


With our expert technicians safety and security of business is guaranteed. We will be protecting your mission critical business data through our superior IT services.  



Techno Exponent offers managed Laravel outsourcing service at competitive price


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Renowned software development companies are taking the intense decision to take a shot at outsourcing Laravel projects irrespective of size. Inside the primary decade of its dispatch Laravel framework is emerging as the superior framework in PHP. With its exceptionally vigorous features and improved coding establishment, it is bit by bit turned out to be the principal choice of web artisans.

At Techno Exponent we are advancing for you exceptionally capable Laravel programmers through our outsourcing organization. Laravel programmers at our emanation are exceptionally experienced and effectively finished a few web improvement ventures for us. You can hire Laravel programmers from us on authoritative or full time premise through our adaptable acquiring model to suffice your venture specific work necessities. Our Laravel programmers involve pride for us and we will advantageous access to the best programmers at moderate expense. In this manner, if you have a restricted spending plan we offer you the perfect organization for fulfilling the necessities of your item arrangements.

From its brooding in the PHP open source stage Laravel has created a mix in the IT business. This Laravel induced buzz among web developers might be worthwhile to associate with its discrete set of measured features making it extremely convenient to develop customized software. Endeavors to build an e-commerce website in Laravel is steadily encouraging code re-usage and encouraging simple codes with proper documentation that enables the development of efficiently measured software. Laravel has acquired a revolution programming making it an undeniable workmanship meant for delivering custom websites for customer fulfillment.

Some of the leading MNCs are our bonafide clients and they have build long haul patronage with us by making us their strategic IT partners.You can reliably build Laravel ecommerce apps with us and at Techno Exponent we pledge to offer you superb service consistently in a practical manner. We will ensure customer fulfillment at all expense.

Fetched efficiency is a noteworthy determinant of business efficiency in pp;a contemporary modern setting that makes software development projects in Laravel the preferred choice for business organizations determined to have customized software arrangements. Hence, the web development industry is experiencing an unequaled high catalyzed by the upsurge of building Laravel apps economically.

Build an ecommerce app in Laravel for rendering greater convenience to consumers


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It is worthwhile to consider the usage of a PHP framework to build ecommerce app in Laravel when there is a limitation of time and the developers PHP coding skills do not match the high level demanded building a complex web application. Frameworks are capable of handling all the repetitive tasks of a PHP project letting the developer in concentrating efforts on the business logic and the general structure of the PHP project as a whole. Frameworks are becoming an ideal tool used by developers to build ecommerce app in Laravel using prototyping method with minimal time spent on coding. Frameworks also offer a range of ready made utilities and libraries.

The use of a robust framework is recommended to build Laravel apps when the security of web applications is an essential requirement. Further, it becomes indispensable when the developer lacks the skills of preventing security breaches from happening. Most of the modern frameworks have built in security features ranging from input sanitizing to automatic cookie encryption.

Organized structure of the project as a whole, clear,and clean code when working in an organization or co-developing an application in development team. Build an ecommerce app in Laravel because the framework permit organization of code into logical structure thus facilitating its maintainability and expandability. Thus, for achieving this modern PHP frameworks are following Model-View-Controller architecture pattern.

Among the highly popular PHP frameworks, build ecommerce app in Laravel because it stands out with its claim and the ability to produce a development process that is agreeable for the developer without losing the application’s functionality. Hence, it is one of the main reasons for selecting it as the framework of choice for building an ecommerce web application at Techno Exponent.  

Perfect software solutions for cross platform mobile applications


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Your search for cost-efficient mobile and software solutions ends with us. We are more than capable of fulfilling your 360-degree software solutions across various platform and range of computing devices. In this backdrop, we are offering quality solutions pertaining to a mobile platform like Android,iOS, and PhoneGap. Moreover, we are well able to offer custom web solutions starting from eCommerce to interactive websites in PHP. We present a brief of our core competencies and benefits of our service offerings.

mobile apps development

Why hire iOS developer from Techno Exponent

You get the provision of hiring iOS developer from us because our pool of programmers are very talented and they have been successfully working on several iOS projects. At present we are offering the following services in iOS platform:

  • Templating themes
  • Application maintenance and scaling
  • Integration services in iOS
  • Portal development in iOS
  • Customized iOS app development
  • iOS app installation

Through its excellent iOS, outsourcing services Techno Exponent is offering you high-quality developers at an affordable price. You get the following set of benefits by hiring iOS developer from us:

  • Developing customized software solutions for effectively negotiating with changes in business needs.
  • Custom iOS softwares at competitive price
  • Superior backend solutions with SQLite
  • Simplistic and bug-free iOS apps framework
  • HIgh-quality support for various iOS platform

Why Hire Android developers from Techno Exponent

Many leading commercial entities aspires to hire Android developers for earning higher revenues from the launch of ready to use cost effective applications , You can hire Android developers from Techno Exponent to make optimum utilization of its premium features which includes the following:

Multitasking: Android OS supports multitasking and multithreading which means that you will have the luxury of writing a post on twitter and simultaneously listen to your favorite track.

Convenient application access: You can hire Android app developer for capitalizing on the huge market demand of mobile application like 3d Games.

Immediate Benefits

Flexible pricing: Hire Android developer in contractual or full-time basis through our flexible hiring model at cost effective rate without sacrificing performance.

Notification ease: Rarely will a missed call, SMS or RSS feed will miss your attention as there will be a dedicated notification system making you aware of the same.

Hire PhoneGap developer from Techno Exponent for the following reasons:

  • Accomplish more with less effort
  • Support smartphone mainstays
  • Uniformity across platforms
  • Robust foundation on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Immediate benefits received

  • Optimum utilization of resources existing in native development centers
  • Uniform look and feel across all platforms
  • Delightful user experience
  • Spend less money and accomplish more with less effort.

Progressive organizations are hiring app developer from Techno Exponent for the following reasons:

  • Greater convenience to customers
  • Maintaining dynamic presence
  • Optimizing customer engagement
  • Cost reduction
  • Saves time and resources

Immediate Benefits

  • Appropriately define business
  • Secured and simplified communication with customers
  • Improved customer reachability
  • Makes your brand more visible

Hire PHP developers from Techno Exponent on the basis of project requirement for the following reasons:

  • Security and IP Protection
  • Ready to use Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Complete Control over the Team
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Strict NDA Terms
  • Quick Team Scaling
  • Source Code Authorization

Take your business to new horizons of success with our Laravel project outsourcing service


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It is quite judicious to consider the usage of Laravel framework when there is scarcity of manpower and financial resources. In addition, if the coding skill of PHP developers is not ideal for fulfilling the requisites of complex application opting for the Laravel framework is a good alternative. In our Laravel project outsourcing service we proficiently handle the basic tasks of PHP project that are repetitive in nature. Hence, our developers are able to concentrate on developing the business logic of an application. In this process, Laravel framework has become an ideal tool for intensive usage that allows development of software prototype in quick succession. Laravel framework comes with a range of ready-made utilities and libraries that ease the task of developers.

Laravel is a highly robust PHP framework that web development experts are recommending for ensuring the utmost security of web applications that is being developed. Usage of Laravel framework becomes indispensable when the developer is not well versed on intricate details of preventing security breaches. Laravel has built in security features through which it become possible to sanitize user input and perform automated cookie encryption. Our structuring of Outsourcing Laravel projects services is wholesome and clear. We write clean codes that allows comprehensive development of web applications.  In Laravel framework codes are arranged into logical architecture that facilitates ease of maintainability and expandability. In this regard, Laravel framework follows a Model-View-Controller architectural pattern.

Laraval Developement

Amongst the widely popular PHP frameworks Laravel has the unique characteristics of reproducing a development process that is easy to comprehend and does not compromise the application’s functionality. In the existing industrial context Laravel is the much soughted PHP framework to develop e commerce web application. Laravel is a web application framework that aspires in easing the development process by streamlining the repetitive tasks that is widely used in contemporary web applications inclusive but not limited to routing, authentication, sessions and caching. Laravel framework is highly efficient in managing the essential tasks of web development starting from web serving, database management, and HTML generation. Therefore, Laravel is popularly called  a full stack framework  Being a fully integrated web development environment it is continuously offering improved and smooth workflow for the developer.

In sharp contrast to other vertically integrated PHP environments Laravel stands out in giving importance to convention over configuration. Moreover, other PHP frameworks have a strong requirement of XML configuration prior to the start of actual project. However, Laravel requires editing of few lines of PHP code making it ready to use. Techno Exponent’s Laravel project outsourcing deters from unnecessary usage of configuration files giving all the developed Laravel web applications a comparable code structuring. Get the best laravel development company for business betterment.

Develop your premium website with a reliable Laravel Development Company


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In PHPs rich architectural catalog Laravel is a shining gem. Simplistic elegance, ease of use, detailed documentation, modular structure are its premium. Coming with facilities of built in plugins and compatibility with third party APIs. Since its inauguration in the commercial web development industry, Laravel has gained much popularity among web developers. Thus, there is a surge among entrepreneurs to contract Laravel development company. In web development community Laravel is popularly known as the framework for web artisans. Software development projects undertaken in Laravel are quite cheap in comparison to well known technological frameworks available in different programming language. At present, the industry is teeming with Laravel developers that surpass market demand facilitating the availability of cheap labour.Moreover, PHP development framework could be downloaded for free to work on Laravel which further reduces project cost. Thus the market demand of Laravel is quite high and this has brought an upsurge in the number of Laravel development companies.

Laravel Development Company 3

Many companies have embarked on the business of Laravel outsourcing and making humongous profits. We have been in the Laravel outsourcing business for several years and provide quality service consistently to our huge base of clientele. Thus, we enjoy customer’s goodwill and unmatched reputation in the industry making us a stalwart in Laravel outsourcing service. Our outsourced Laravel developers are highly qualified and have considerable industry experience which gives them distinguished expertise and knowledge to handle project complexities gracefully. Through our high-quality Laravel outsourcing service we have successfully built websites and eCommerce apps for companies of varying size and business magnitude. If you have the ambition to maintain a strong presence on the internet then Techno Exponent is the perfect Laravel development company who can help you fulfill your dream comprehensively.  Wait no further, we have the expertise to deliver superior software solutions for satisfying your business requirements. At present, we have the patronage of some renowned MNCs that further symbolizes our expertise in the software development industry. Our quality and commitment speak volumes about our success in the web development industry.

Hire Zend Developer to enhance performance of your web applications


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Are you aspiring to hire Zend developer for sufficing your business’s software solution? But getting deterred due to financial constraints. Your quest for cost effective Zend solutions comes to rest with us.  We are offering you a highly talented team of Zend developers at a competitive price. Our developers are well adept with every intricate technological details of Zend framework enabling you to efficiently finance the development of scalable and robust software for satisfying your requirement of effective software solutions.


Why Techno Exponent

You may hire Zend developer from us because programmers at our disposition are more than capable of producing customized websites for enabling you to effectively deal with business requirements. Our business policies are transparent enabling us to offer the following services on Zend framework:

  • Services associated with Zend installation
  • Services in relation to Zend framework web development
  • Portal development in Zend and customized software solutions
  • Integration services with Zend
  • Application development and maintenance
  • CMS development with Zend
  • Designer themes in Zend
  • Customized eCommerce solutions in Zend

If you hire Zend developer from Techno Exponent you get the following benefits:

  • Simple and bug-free open source Zend framework
  • Quality support for various PHP platforms starting from 5.0 version and higher
  • Advanced backend solutions with leading database vendors like MySQL, SQL Server, PostGreSQL, and Oracle.
  • Customized software solutions at economical price to beat the competition
  • Expertise to deal with Zend Studio, Zend Core, and Zend Framework
  • Effective web content management
  • Development of business specific solutions for enabling integration of additional features with changing business requirements.

At Techno Exponent, you can quality Zend developers for realizing the dream of expanding your business beyond the targeted mark. Beat the competition by increasing your cost-effectiveness as our developers are cheap to hire. We are well versed in all the sublime details of Zend e-commerce portal development.Our services enable you to unleash the power of supporting web technology like XHTML, AJAX, JQuery, and MYSQL.

If you aspire to create a distinguished presence on the internet then build your official website with us by hiring our top notch Zend developers on a contractual basis.

For more details on hiring Zend developers please visit us at

Build an eCommerce app in Laravel for strategically ensuring long term commercial success


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PHP is preferred platform of most companies aspiring to fulfill their business requirements through web applications. Likewise, PHPs Laravel framework helps it to maintain allegiance to the principles of cost effectivity without compromising qualitative performance. Thus, online retailers are promoting their business by building customized web applications in Laravel. Apart from small scale enterprises to many renowned MNC’s are in the process to build an eCommerce app in Laravel. The desire to create greater convenience for existing customer base, attracting new customers, and penetrating virgin markets are the principal motivators of this endeavour. Apart from its popularity among the client community, there is a strong willingness among developers to learn this framework for its ease of use, simplicity, elegance and high demand. Therefore, in the present context, the web development industry is capable of offering quality Laravel developers at competitive prices due to huge availability.

laravel development

In comparison to other programming platforms projects undertaken to build an eCommerce app in Laravel exhibits high cost effectiveness. This aspect could be attributed to the fact that PHP is an open source technology. There are many plugins and third party APIs that could be downloaded for free and reused in the software development process. The size of a team in Laravel projects are small. Hence, the total incurring project cost is low as the company has to bear only the establishment and manpower cost. In this regard, it becomes necessary to throw light on the fact that hiring cost of outsourced Laravel developers is even lower as the beneficiary company gets relieved from long term commitment. Outsourced Laravel developers could be hired at low cost on a contractual basis. However, low cost does not testifies poor quality. Outsourced Laravel developers have several years of experience and expertise to deal with project complexities. Thus, seldom project deadlines are transgressed.  

build an ecommerce app in laravel4

Techno Exponent has the resources to build an ecommerce app in Laravel for you without compromising your time and cost efficiency. Our Laravel developers are highly famed for their superior capabilities. Cost efficient hiring models that we offer enables you to get access to the best manpower resources at the most competitive rate. We are committed to ensuring that you get the best service from us throughout your duration of patronage.

Managed Outsourcing Services by Techno Exponent and build website with Laravel for added business advantage


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IT Outsourcing is the process of assigning a company’s all IT projects to an external reputed and trusted IT company. But this process comes with many pros and cons.

Managed Outsourcing Services

Pros of Outsourcing:

  • Elevated Profit returns on investment
  • Diminished Workspace, Hardware, Training, and Recruitment costs
  • Enabling Outsourcing Companies to intensify the main proficiency without being on pins and needles about outsourced routine tasks.
  • Helps the outsourcing company to transfer certain responsibilities to the outsourced IT partner.
  • Increases the velocity of the project development time and presents exceptional, improved, sophisticated, and outstanding output.
  • Minimize cash outflow and revamp the resource endeavor.

Cons of Outsourcing:

  • Disclosing company’s private information to a third-party and therefore a high plausibility of Intellectual Property Theft.
  • If you do not select a right IT Outsourcing Partner, you will face complications like failing to meet delivery dates, low-quality output and unreasonable cataloging of responsibilities.
  • Most of the cases, outsourced companies include hidden costs under the beautiful wrapper of lots of facilities you will get after partnering with them. Few common hidden costs are maintenance costs and taxes, you will also be charged if even they are on holiday!
  • An outsourced IT company may be serving to the multiple Outsourcing companies at a time with a small team of 15-20 total staff members. In such situations, outsourced companies will lack complete focus on your tasks.
  • Indolent response times, sluggish issue resolutions and atrocious after development support.
  • If you do not select a right IT Outsourcing Partner, you can never have a quick voice or video call with your outsourced company developers directly, because they are not well-versed in English. They will be only available for text chat even that will be full of grammar mistakes.

Techno Exponent’s Managed Outsourcing Services:

  • We take meticulous care of your Intellectual Property Protection; we sign Non- Disclosure Agreement with you. All of our staff members have already signed our employment non-disclosure agreement and intellectual property privacy clauses, where we can take any legal action against them for breaking the agreement at any time. So, your project is fully safe with us!
  • We have different teams working on different projects! Each project is delivered to you after passing through filtrations of Team Leads, System Testers, and Project Managers. Delivery Manager will ensure you that your projects meet deadlines.
  • We don’t have any hidden costs included. You will be notified about our holidays and we will not ask you to pay a single dollar for those days. Our Managed Outsourcing services consists of services like: 

–   Offshore Outsourcing Partnership
–   Dedicated Hiring
–   Flexible Hiring
–   Project Based Hiring

  • We have 100+ in-house staffs in our company. Each Team is working on a different project. So, there is no chance of being avoided for any other project. You will be provided daily updates, so you will know that we are working daily for you!
  • All of our staff members are well-versed in English. They can have Video/ Voice call with you anytime. They are flexible with PC Sharing, Remote Support and Online Meetings. We use different advanced software by which you can track what your teams are working! Pay for what we work, and not for our holidays or leaves!

Whom are we serving our Managed Outsourcing Services?

  • IT Product Companies
  • Digital Agencies, Startups
  • Enterprises
  • SMEs
  • IT consulting firms
  • Online Business

Techno Exponent is one of the BEST IT Companies. We have expert developers with PHP frameworks (Laravel,Zend,Codeigniter,Symfony). Hire Laravel developers to build website with Laravel for added business advantage. We have our Head Office in Kolkata, and U.S. Branch Office in Dallas, Texas. Contact us for your BEST Managed Outsourcing Services, Email us at or call us at (214) 273-0857 (USA) +91 8900027268 (India)

Techno Exponent is delivering the BEST Managed Outsourcing services with strategic advantage to your business


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Managed Outsourcing Service is the advanced stage of an Outsourcing Service. It is strategically outsourcing all of your IT Projects to a trusted and reputed company. Techno Exponent has come to you with an excellent Managed Outsourcing Services plan where you can outsource all of your projects to us and we will deliver it on-time to you, our outsourcing models include:

  1. Offshore Outsourcing Partnership:In this Process, you will outsource all of your IT projects to us and it will be completely our responsibility to deliver those on time and by maintaining the Quality. This will save your money to be spent on your Office Rental for a large workspace and for all expensive equipment needed. It is something like you are making your projects done by your own staff members working in Techno Exponent.
  1. Dedicated Hiring:Techno Exponent offers Dedicated Hiring for you. You can take interview of multiple numbers of developers and designers, and can choose the BEST ones you like to be there on your team. You can hire a dedicated team/ a dedicated developer or a dedicated designer and you be in full control of your dedicated staff. You can make a plan of your project and make it done anyway as you want.
  1. Flexible Hiring: Flexible Hiring is a process where you can buy some hours from us in advance and then you can use those hours as per you want. There is a minimum number of hours that you must have to buy.
  1. Project Based Hiring:In this process, you can hire web application or mobile application developers on the project basis. It is really very cost-effective and it provides you the best solution for your staffing requirements. We deliver creative, innovative, quality-assured and best price assured web/ mobile application development, digital marketing services for companies, agencies and organizations around the world.


Techno Exponent is a reputed and trusted IT Company that works on all latest technologies to make the best web/ mobile application development, digital marketing services for you. We have already served and satisfied 1200+ clients. Our diverse skills and experiences make us an award winning company and client’s BEST choice always.

Web Application Technologies: We are working on enriched PHP Frameworks like Laravel 5.2, Symfony2, Zend, Codeigniter, Yii, Cake PHP, Phalcon. We are also working on Python, Ruby on Rails. We are working on CMSes like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Angular JS, Node.JS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.

Mobile Application Technologies: For Android Apps, we are using Java, for iOS apps we are using Objective-C and Swift. We are also using Phonegap Technology for Android, iOS, and Windows app.


Techno Exponent is your BEST Managed Outsourcing partner! You can send your requirement at or talk to us directly by calling to +91 8900027268.