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The Laravel 5 developers outsourced by us are highly proficient in making a centralized collection of valuable project data i.e. database. The database vendors used in our Laravel projects are well adept in effectively storing voluminous information in a corporation’s network. We make extensive usage of database management systems for performing secured manipulation of centrally stored data. Amongst the existing database vendors our developers are quite proficient to work on MySQL server that uses Structured Query Language commonly referred to as SQL. Till date SQL is arguably the most widely used standardized language for manipulating databases. SQL statements are available for utilization in varied ways starting from direct entry to embedded codes written in wide range of diversified programming language. Moreover, comprehensive data abstraction could be provided through the usage of APIs that hides SQL syntax altogether.

Our Laravel 5 developers will be shouldering the responsibility of installing Composer. In this process we will ensure that appropriate version of PHP is installed.Successively we will be downloading the Composer installer from the internet that is available for free. This file is exists in the internet by the name of Composer-Setup.exe. During the installation process it will become necessary to provide the path of PHP executable. Once done the installation will continue automatically writing down the Composer commands to the PATH Environmental variable. Laravel 5 is an open source framework and unlike conventional software projects that have many bugs making it indispensable to think of complex logic. However, in Laravel it becomes possible to write beautiful and clean code for creating great web application.

The full stack framework that Laravel is allows the development of web application from scratch through the utilization of its wonderful database wrapper called Eloquent ORM accompanied by its indigenous templating engine called Blade. Laravel has offered competent solutions to common problems faced by developers in the development of web applications. Laravel is an effective tool for facilitating faster development of customized web apps. The widespread usage of Laravel could be attributed to various reasons. One of them is associated with the welcoming and supportive community. In sharp contrast to Symfony and Zend you can easily find code snippets, tutorials and courses on Laravel. Laravel 5 developer provided by us are actively involved in the Laravel’s open source community and benefiting it by providing innovative ideas on bug fixation. They provide answer to queries posed in the community or in Laravel IRC channel.

At Techno Exponent we make active usage of Laravel’s Blade templating engine that looks like plain HTML. Every blade file ends with the extension .blade.php and one can find the templates in app/views directory.